Transportation Products Experience & Expertise

The transportation product marketing and communication experience of Bob Moore & Partners includes projects and on-going work for:

Company                                                                                 Product/Service

Bandag                                                                                Retreaders

Beck/Arnley                                                                         Import Parts Distributor

Bendix                                                                                 Brakes Manufacturer

Borg Warner                                                                        Ignition Parts

Bumper-to-Bumper                                                              Program Distribution Group

Cash America Pawn                                                            On-Line Auction Site

Clevite                                                                                  Engine Parts Manufacturer

Council of Fleet Specialists                                                 Truck Parts Distributors Association

Dana Corporation                                                                Diversified Component Mfg.

Dayco Products Inc.                                                            Belt & Hose Manufacturer

Delco Remy International                                                    Diversified Remanufacturer

Engine Parts Group                                                             Program Distribution Group

Four Seasons                                                                      Cooling System Products

Franklin Power Products                                                      Remanufacturer of Diesel Engines

Gabriel                                                                                  Ride Control Products

Kansas City Chiefs                                                               NFL Franchise

Kool Klutch                                                                           Cooling System Products

Maremont                                                                             Exhaust Manufacturer

Marshall Engines                                                                  Engine Remanufacturer

Navistar                                                                                OEM

NTB                                                                                      Tire Retailer

Purolator                                                                               Filter Manufacturer

Safelite                                                                                 Auto Glass Retailer/Franchise

Raybestos                                                                            Brakes Parts Manufacturer

Safeguard/KSG Industries                                                   Engine Parts Manufacturer

Slick 50                                                                                Engine Treatment

Spicer                                                                                  Chassis & Alignment Manufacturer 

Sutherlands                                                                         Do-It-Yourself Home Centers

Tire America                                                                        Tire Retailer

TRW                                                                                    Engine Parts Manufacturer

Valley Industries                                                                  Towing Products Manufacturer

Wagner                                                                                Brakes & Lighting Manufacturer

Western Auto                                                                       Auto Parts Retailer

Wix Filters                                                                            Filter Manufacturer

Worldparts                                                                            Import Parts Distributor

Industry Related Accomplishments

Some notable accomplishments of Bob Moore & Partners include:

•Compukit – the creation in 1983 of the industry’s first computerized database electronic engine parts catalog.

•RECS - the total re-engineering of Clevite's logistics/distribution program to a centralized airfreight hub, including the consolidation/elimination of $6 million of field inventory.

•NASCAR Award Programs - creation of two NASCAR special awards for client customers including the Engine Builder of the Year and the Comeback Driver of the Year and assisted in the negotiations of “officially licensed” status.

•Franchising - assisting with the creation of both start-up and conversion automotive franchises for companies including Sears, Bumper to Bumper and Safelite Auto Glass.

•Co-Founder of Free-Cat – the supplier led electronic parts catalog and data service.

•Proprietary Co-branded Publication- the creation of a proprietary trade publication who’s content was “owned” completely by a leading automotive program distribution group. 

•Co-founding of the Engine Repower Council – helped create the industry’s first collective effort to expand engine rebuilding.

•C.A.R.S. – created the Collaborative Automated Replenishment Program (C.A.R.S.) for Dana Corporation, the automotive aftermarket’s first Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program.

•Facilities & Brand Rationalization– facilitated and directed Delco Remy International in the consolidation of some 26 manufacturing and distribution locations and reduced the number of brands presented to the marketplace.

•“Ahead of the Curve” in Aftermarket Business Magazine – Author of a monthly column that is “forward looking” with respect to trends within the automotive aftermarket.

  1.     Co-founder of the Aftermarket Data Trust – assisted in the creation a collaborative effort to start an industry data warehouse.